Remote or In Person 1x1 Coaching

Are you unsure where to start on your fitness journey?

Are you confused about creating a fitness program that supports your body at 40+?

Are you intimidated by a gym and uncertain what equipment to use to achieve your goals?


If your goal is:

- Build strength to enjoy the activities you love

- Improve joint mobility after 40+

- Enjoy workouts without a sense of punishment

- Maintain your bone health and muscle tone

- Stand tall and feel confident in a capable body

All programs are core & pelvic floor friendly

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REMOTE COACHING - Pam's story of transitioning from daily lower back pain to feeling strong, able and well. 

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1x1 Remote Coaching

Program + Coaching

One Month
Best suitable for more experienced clients 

1X1 Video Coaching 

I am with you for every session, guiding you along your journey.
Suitable for a beginner


Single coaching session

This is a one-time 60 min session to help you in tuning up your

form or workout


"I truly see her as an expert"

When I am asked about Julia, I describe her as a movement expert.  She corrects me and says “specialist” but I truly see her as an expert.  She is remarkably well educated in yoga, body mechanics and movement. Work with Julia and you will become aware of your physical body in a new, wonderful way.  Julia will help you learn to move in ways that feed and nurture your joints.  Instead of slipping in to the old habits of movement that lead to chronic injury, repeated trips to the chiropractor, physical therapy, and more, Julia works at effecting a change in your everyday patterns of movement so that chronic problems begin to be healed through joint nutrition and better biomechanics.  I have taken many of the things that I have learned from Julia and incorporated them in to my own yoga practice and beyond.  I am definitely a better yoga teacher because of what I have absorbed from Julia.  I have also referred several of my own students to Julia and I have heard nothing but praise.  Julia really IS and expert.  Spend an hour with her and you will agree. ​

-Sherri Raderstorf

"Julia has changed my body’s posture in all ways."

Julia Lamm is a beautiful soul. Her knowledge of the human body is extraordinary! Julia takes her knowledge of the body and helps people use their bodies the way they were meant to be used.
I personally have gone from going to a chiropractor every month to twice a year. Julia has changed my body’s posture in all ways. Julia will always have my Thanks, and graditude for making my body better. I look
forward to continuing my work with Julia for many years to come. 

-Diane Vanderhorst

"One of the best  things to have happened to me!"

Finally after years of searching I stumbled on Julia and her wonderful healing and amazing abilities – she is a seeker of knowledge and a very curious person.  Julia is never satisfied with the status quo.  She is always searching and learning certified in many movement modalities. I have never had ANY therapy even come close to her gifts. 

    I am an active woman – walking, hiking and biking.  Love love to be on the move – then my hip started to hurt over 5 years ago and the saga started. Chiropractors, orthopedist, massages, Therapist after therapist – experts with dancers and  NFL football players, a PT iron woman triathlete who swore she’d have me up and at ‘em in no time.  I was put on all kinds of equipment , pulled and manipulated, dry needled etc etc – I might feel better for a day – a week or a month but eventually the pain was back.   I ended up with a hip replacement.  But taking walks was still painful.  It was very very disappointing. 

     I would ask and ask why?? – there must be something out of whack??  It made no sense.  Then one day thru a friend I heard about Julia.  One of the best  things to have happened to me!  Holy Cow this woman ROCKS! 

  Bit by bit, Julia dismantled me and whipped me into shape.  After several months I could walk miles thru the woods – on trails, or just out our backdoor into the neighborhood. 

I can’t say enough about her.  She has the knowledge and the ability to see all as individuals and their unique make-ups and needs. 

   Now you will work hard – you will be given homework.  She will load you up with so much information your head will swim!  I recommend taking notes, pictures or recording – there is no magic switch. 

   Julia is also very reasonably priced and gives generously of her time. 

The bottom line if you want healing and you’re willing to put in the time – Julia is your answer. 

Happily to speak up for gem hidden away In Centerville!  

-Anne Cowan

"It’s my favorite class I’ve taken. Ever."

I began taking classes with Julia when I moved back to Ohio and have viewed my body in a completely different way ever since.

Julia focuses on strength, balance, and alignment to have your body feeling it’s best.. and doing so in the correct amount of time and in the correct manner. Which is huge.

I have noticed change in my posture, I have gained understanding of WHY my body used to hurt so much, and have been developing strength to improve flexibility and just feel better.

This was the first class I took with Julia and it’s my favorite class I’ve taken. Ever. I now use my Yoga Tune Up therapy balls every single day to help with tension and stiffness. I travel with them. I bring them to the office. I use them after bartending. They’re a godsend.

-Ashley Paul

"Highly specialized and personalized yoga & movement practice"


Julia is a vibrant and compassionate soul! She lives her passion and infuses her love of scientifically-based, Intelligent movement into all of her teaching! As a anatomy teacher, I can attest she knows her stuff! I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be inspired by, work with, learn from Julia. If you have chronic pain, nagging injuries, desire for greater mobility and performance and are looking for a highly specialized and personalized yoga & movement practice designed for you, she’s your answer! Cheers to a life + style of joy, abundance and wholistic health!

-Mary Sarah O'Shea