3 Lessons From MY Walking Feet!

If Life is a Treat! Then Walking is a Gift!
"If you seek creative ideas go walking. 
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk" 
- Raymond I. Myers

If life is a treat, then walking is a gift.

What Can We Learn From Walking?

Do you love to hike?

Do you taking morning walks?

Do you love to explore by

foot when traveling?

Lesson # 1

Walking is our ability to move forward one step at a time! Use this skill when you face an obstacle!

Lesson # 2

Walking - every step you take today, creates your next step or your tomorrow! Are you paying attention to your everyday steps? What is your tomorrow looking like?

Lesson # 3

Walking is our ability to look ahead while taking one foot in front of the other. There is no other direction but AHEAD! Use this skills when you feel stuck in life!

Walking, just like life, is a gift! I love my morning walks and weekend hikes. It is my self-care practice. It is my therapy. It is my feeling like a human! We are born to walk! - James Earls talks about in his book!

If we can walk, we can:

- Run

- Hike

- Jump

- See beautiful places

- Feel the ground

- Cook delicious meals

- Hangout with friends

This picture was taken on one of our long and explorative walks in

Barcelona, Spain. It was fun to explore and make unexpected discoveries from steering the feet in various directions around this vibrant city.

Personally, I have been recovering from a hip and shoulder injury from my Marshall Arts experiment. This injury was my curse and my blessing. The curse was that I could not walk well for months. I experienced a hip pain as well as heel pain and walking made that worse! What made it even worse was that I experienced that pain during the COVID times in 2020. I was literally stuck at home! Yes, I am a Movement Specialist and I should know better but I do not live in a bubble. I intentionally decided to try something completely different. I did! Marshall Arts was fun but sooooo challenging in many ways.

I missed my walking ! The blessing of my injury was that I had to learn a great deal about the body and walking mechanics so I could create changes and walk with more efficiency. There is definitely a better way to step one foot in from the other.

The more efficient your walking, the less wear and tear on the body! We have many imbalances in our body so by hiking more, you may contribute more to your imbalances.

Do you want to hike more feeling strong and confident? TRAIN NOW!

Therefore, have a well-designed maintenance plan.

Join my FIT FOR HIKING Series.

"I want to enjoy my walking/hiking for many more years to come!"

What about you?

Feeling fit is good!

Feeling fit for better hiking/walking needs PLAN!

It calls for a specifically designed steps to help you feel less:

- Ankle sprains from hiking on uneven surfaces

- Hip and feet weakness from hiking for many miles

- Quicker recovery after challenging hikes

- Less back pain from carrying a heavy backpack

Based on my own and my clients' experiences, I have developed a series of tests that help me customize a plan for them to help them get fit for hiking.

Below is a video with one of the tests. Ready to try it?

Did you feel it in your working hip?

What else did you notice? - Wobbly ankle? Poor balance from side to side?


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