When was the last time you rolled on the ground?

Do you think it is too silly?

Think NO MORE! Rolling on the ground has so many benefits. The best part is that you can do it at any age and when your hip hurts or your foot hurts or your back feels uncomfortable.

It is my personal favorite part of my nutritious movement.

READY? Just try this quick sequence. I guarantee, you will feel awesome after you are done.

Why is rolling on the floor so beneficial?

Rolling stimulates every system of the body:

  1. Brain

  2. Lymph

  3. Gut

  4. Blood Vessels

  5. Nerve

  6. Organs

  7. Endocrine

  8. Muscle/Fascia/Joints/Ligaments/Tendons

If these systems seem overwhelming to you, let me summarize with some realatable examples.

Age doesn't matter.

My 70 year old client rolls so she can train her body to catch itself in the event she loses her balance and tumbles to the ground. She has overcome her fear of falling and not knowing if she could get up. There are so many possibilities for rolling.

Improved awareness and decreased pain.

My hypermobile (overly flexible) client craves a proprioceptive (sensory) warm up. Rolling helped her feel the muscles she needed for her workout like never before. She also didn't complain of pain once during her session (typically she has a couple of problem areas that aggravate her). Per her request, we plan to warm up like that before every session from now on!

Stimulates the entire nervous system.

My client who is always go-go-go and in "fight or flight" mode was pleasantly surprised by how energizing yet calming rolling was at the beginning of her session. She said her brain and body felt "turned on" and ready to go! It is a definitely novel movement for the brain challenging one's coordination.

It provides a great body massage.

Connecting with the floor provides a beneficial sense of grounding and calming as well as nice stimulation for the spine and release for the back. You do not have to work against gravity so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Rolling can be dynamic and fun.

This version requires a lot more mobility as well as core strengthening.

Therefore, it needs a more comprehensive plan of getting there.

Everything is possible. I love having fun with rolling. To me, it is better than doing useless cardio but it is just me.

What are you thoughts?

Are you convinced?

Would you want to add some rolling on the ground variations in your nutritious movement repertoire?

In my Active8U group coaching program we work on lower body strength and core for better pelvic floor and back. Rolling on the ground is a huge part of our workouts.

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