Alignment check in - navigate with curiosity! Yes, my clients who are women over 50 come to me because they want to feel stronger, less achy and with better posture and balance so they can maintain their active life style. As a Core Exercise Specialist for back and pelvic floor health, I educate on deep core and how it could contribute to the goals listed above.

There is a moment of joy when I hear: "I FEEL MY LOWER ABS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND I AM 50....." Then it goes something like that: "I also feel taller" and "I feel more stable and balanced" and "My tummy looks more flat but I did not lose weight". That can be your story. Schedule your 30 minute discovery call today.

Now the gritty nitty stuff of this post:

Take a look at these two pictures?

What do you see?

Curious how alignment could impact your abs and contribute to back and hip flexor tightness?

Continue reading!

Red lines - before we started and Green lines are after.

This is one my actual clients (have her permission to post). She was experiencing some back discomfort and tight hip flexors especially after yoga classes so she stopped attending them and was not sure about doing her light strength training.

Alignment is positioning of the body parts that resist (work) gravity in the most efficient way. Stacking two bowls (pelvic and rib cage) is part of this efficiency as you may know by now. Want to know more about deeper core connection for pelvic floor health? Click here to receive a set of videos. Rib cage stacked over pelvis allows us to manage pressure through the entire core structure.

I use a static alignment to derive some information. I also watch how the person moves. Can the person travel from this default posture and also feel comfortable and strong with the opposite. What I usually observe is that the person gets "stuck" in the default posture and brings that in many other movements.

Notice her center of gravity line with the red line and green line.

In which one, do you think her bones are stacked up better to resist gravity?

In which one, do you think her deep core (bowl stacking) is the most efficiently aligned?

In which one, does she experience less pressure outward and downward on the pelvic floor?

A variety of movement and a lot of strength training can bring possibilities for traveling in and out from the center. That is how I designed my programs for people - with a purpose to instill a change by creating the maps they need to travel to the other side of the center. In her case, that is a world of hamstrings, glutes, lower abs, calves and feet. These are powerful muscles that need to be a part of her movement and strength journey to experience the benefits on the other side of her "town".

It is never about perfection but it is always about progression. When I helped her experience traveling back on her first visit, she was afraid of falling and that felt weird. On her last session (after doing her work), she felt solid, stable and more balanced with no back discomfort or a feeling of "tight" hip flexors. She also said that she connected with her lower abs for the first time in her life! That is powerful!

We are in charge of creating our body's traveling maps. There are so many beautiful places to explore! Check out this link to see how by changing your posture, you could change how your belly looks. Do you want to look thinner instantly?


Creating programs with an intention and purpose based on a client in front of me is what I do well. The intentional workouts are designed to elicit a positive change in the person's body that usually takes care of many elements of tightness, stiffness, discomfort and some aching.

You can schedule your free 30 minute discovery call by clicking this link.

There is no age limit for connecting with your lower abs for more functional body and efficient alignment.

Can you feel your lower abs? Can you connect to your glutes?

There is Part 1 to the Alignment madness. Do you want to see it?

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