Movement is Medicine

Updated: Mar 4


What movement challenges are you experiencing?

What body pains and aches are you feeling?

Movement means being well, being Fully Engaged In Life!

When you feel well in your body, you are capable of anything that each day presents. You are able to move with ease through your day, without ever second-guessing if you body will get you there.

When you are empowered with the Movement Solutions on how to tune up your body depending on what it needs, you are building a relationship that you constantly nurture.

We often hear that you feel this way: "It is because of your age!" "It is because of your weak core!" "It is because of your stiff joints!" And more..........

Perhaps it is because you let your body down neglecting and lacking basic maintenance and self-care. The body is designed to to be strong as well as to adapt to what you do the most. It adapts to what you do and what you do not do.

It seems that we are very focused on nutritious and healthy eating. But what about nutritious and healthy movement? Is there such a thing?

Your body just like your belly will benefit from a well-rounded movement and strength practices than just "strengthen the core" or "move this way but not that way". For example, the core is part of the whole system. If the system is moving in a variety of ways, the core responds, adapts and gets stronger. The movement is a stimulus for the body parts to work, adapt, strengthen and become more resilient! Therefore, movement is not optional, it is essential!

I am all for the well-rounded and nutritious diets that do not subtract some nutrients in favor of others. The same applied to the movement "diet".

In my practice, working with women, I meet every woman where she is on her journey. My passion is to help my clients re-connect with their body through movement, strength and mindset to feel empowered and confident and fully engaged in life.

Establishing healthy and nutritious habits is a journey!

Your Life Homework - Embrace each day is a chance to move well, move often to grow stronger, healthier and happier knowing that you had a resilient body that can adapt and transform!

Be Well, Your Be Well Fitness Coach!

Ready To Feel Strong, Able and Well vs Weak, Tired and Achy?

Check out my Foundational Strength Training Program designed for women 40+!

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