Did you know that the health of your feet impacts the health of your body?

Have you Forgotten your Feet?

Ready to show off your muscular feet?

Ready to show off your developed arches?

Ready to post your pic before and after and get great comments?

Look at my strong but mobile feet

  • that carry me every day

  • that balance my body

  • that make my overhead squats stable

  • that make my deadlifts powerful

  • that distribute my weight throughout the day and at the gym

  • that adapt to all kinds of shoes

  • that hide

  • that only get noticed when it hurts to step on the foot

  • that only get noticed when I suddenly walk barefoot (not supported by the shoes)

“I am everything. I am nothing. I am powerful. I am forgotten.

– Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody

Yes, you may not show off your muscular feet and developed arches after your strenuous workouts. However, when you do connect with the feet and how they transfer forces through the chain, you may notice great impact on the quality of your movements and workouts.

Did you know?

  • One foot has 26 bones and 33 joints?

  • Your spine has 33 joints and 34 bones?

  • We all know that we should move spine in a variety of ways but can you also see how important it is to move each foot as well?

Do you know how many bones are in the entire body?

Your answer is ...... 206 bones and a quarter of the bones are in the feet. What does it tell you? Yes, feet are essential for our overall health.

Curious for more?

There are two feet! Agree. Have you done the math – two feet = 66 articulating joints! Amazing!

The joints of the spine are linear and operate one vertebrae over the next. In the foot, the joints are non-linear with some individual bones sharing several joints with other bones.

The two feet compared to one spine are designed to articulate all 66 joints. Any difference between left and right foot, changes in other structures. For example, if one foot pronates (collapsed arch) more than the other, it will affect other structures.

The way our feet articulate is incredible!

It really is chicken and egg scenario: problems in the body will work down to the foot and problems in the foot quickly spread to the body. Ladies who have been on the Active8U journey, I am very proud of your commitment to start with your foundation – strengthen your sole. No wonder that sole and soul sound so much alike. I will leave you with this thought to ponder!! WHAT IS THE STORY OF YOUR BODY THAT YOU KEEP SAYING OVER AND OVER AGAIN? HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR FEET TO FIND SOME INTERESTING TWISTS TO YOUR STORY?

In our Active8U coaching program, we work on feet and how feet connect to hips core for improving balance, posture, walking gait and overall health of the body.

Of course, feet have a direct impact on the pelvic floor aka hips. Here is a quick video to prove my point:

What do you think? Have you checked your feet?

Do you want to schedule your feet to hips assessment? Here is a link for a complimentary 30 minute session.

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