Do You Want to Be Active Over 50?


There are so many reasons for working out. Would you agree?

What are yours? Share in the comments!

Do your reasons help you stay motivated, feel capable and enjoy many activities in life?


Do your reasons make you feel defeated, incapable and like you are chasing a race or compete with Before and After or IG fitness?

This is where your powerful ability to notice come into play. Sometime, we have to pause and maybe even stop to notice.

I finished my workout today feeling strong and energized, moving better and pain-free! Bonus - I got my pinky cheeks (no blush needed)!

To me, movement is a celebration of what my body is capable of! Since our life does not require a variety of movement, a gym or sometimes my workout room at home

becomes my playful playground of celebration and appreciation of what is possible for a woman over 40!

Before each workout, I take time to notice of what my body needs:

  • Where do I feel tension

  • Where am I experiencing aching

  • How can I get stronger and better for the hiking season

  • What needs attention to balance out weak and release strong

I often call it an intentional workout with a purpose of giving my body what it needs and I am taking my own responsibility to give the way I know how. It is a mindset shift for sure, It took me a while to trust my own skills, abilities and most importantly my body. It is much easier to go to another professional and let them work on you. It is an essential part of the wellness plan for many and nothing is wrong with that. However, are you relaying on that professional or are you also supplementing it with creating a lifestyle that help you maintain your body state of well-being?

Ultimately, I workout because I want to maintain my ability to

  • Hike/Walk/Run better

  • Garden in the summer

  • Lift heavy groceries and etc. without fear

  • Get down and up the floor feeling confident

  • Feel good in my capable body

  • Squat, Hinge, Push and Pull

  • Maintain muscle tone and bone density

  • Align my posture better

  • Balance with confidence

Where are you on your journey of wellness and fitness?

What daily life activities are you struggling with?

Would you love to resume or start hiking so you can enjoy many beautiful places and spending time outside? I am collaborating with a like-minded coach and starting my 6-week series FIT FOR HIKING! We start on June 15th, 2021.

Th video below covers one of my favorite moves that could be transferrable to better walking, hiking or even running.


- Tripod foot connection;

- Maintain balance;

- Resist heavy weights;

- Walk with control keeping a tall posture;

- Barefoot is optional for better big toe push off.

How did you do? Try it and let me know.

Our ability to maintain a good balance = Prolonged years of independence!

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