Are You Ready to Active8U for Your Life Over 40, 50 and Beyond?


Your homework today is tune in to your self-talk:

Are you hearing:

"My body is feeling stiff! - it is because I am getting old" "I used to be flexible but now, I am getting old" "I cannot squat, my knees hurt because I am getting old"

Can you continue the list......

Yes, of course, getting older is a part of life. In addition, we are reminded that as we get older, things change and we should feel a certain way. Yes, there is no denial in that. What I am saying is that do you use this phrase to justify your actions or lack of and not being intentional with your strength, mobility, and movement practices.

The ability to make choices is a blessing. Therefore, the ability to walk, run, play, sit, lift, stand and move our limbs whenever we want is a blessing. We do take that for granted. When we lose these abilities and do not feel good doing them, we often say: "I am getting old!" Katy Bowman, who is one of my most inspiring teachers, likes to call it: "Dynamic Aging"!

Does Dynamic Aging sound more empowering.

Does it help you shift your old paradigm?

It takes practice to change your self talk from feeling "hopeless" to feeling more empowered for making better choices.

This is one of the phrases that I often hear from my clients in the beginning of our Active8U journey. I do my best to meet them where they are and coach them on their journey of rebuilding their bodies to feel strong and capable. It is rewarding to see their transformation from "I am getting older" as an excuse to:

"I am feeling stronger!" "It is amazing that I can squat and my knees do not hurt!" "I feel more flexible and can touch my toes without my lower back hurting!" "I can hold my balance steadily!" The list can go on......

Is it magic? Not at all! We are blessed with a body that has an amazing ability to adapt under the right guidance and adequate preparation and work.

Just like with nutritious food, it takes planning, preparation, work, knowledge, and some guidance to create nutritious movement for the resilient body!

Balance is an essential component of any age but especially over 40 since we go through the hormonal changes that affect the strength of our bones.

Maintaining strong legs and feet, training coordination and dynamic walking carrying weights are the goals when I work with my clients. Walking well and minimizing a risk of falling is paramount for aging well and feeling confident.

Here is a testimonial of one of my clients.

Amazing testimonial! Would you agree?

Do you want to be next?

Ready to take charge to Be Strong, Able and Well?

Check out my 12-week Foundational Strength Program - Active8U

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