Two Simple Solutions For Releasing Tight Hips At Your Desk

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Are you experiencing a sensation that your hips are tight??

Take a quick office break and move your hips with this effective hip-release stretch.

My clients often show me this move (shown in the video) but not really feeling much release. After assessing this move with them, I see this one pelvic motion that they are missing out to get a better sense of release!

Do you want to know this one effective tip for this move to work for your tight hips?

Watch a 4 minute video below and follow my cues to get the best outcome for your hips.

As a bonus, take four deep 3 dimensional breaths on each side and take care of your pelvic floor on both sides!!

As always, after stretching do some strengthening for more long-lasting results!

Another common complaint I get from my clients is "nagging pain in the butt". They always point to the back of their hips. Usually, it is on one side. Sometimes, they refer to their piriformis.

It still comes down to them referring to their "tight” hips in the back. The word "tight" is such a broad statement and means different things to different people! One day I can write a longer blog on how this word can be interpreted in so many variety of ways! Working 1x1 allows me to listen to my client’s experience, language, feeling and just simply getting to know them better! What is your description of "tight" hips? It is important to connect with what you are feeling in your body. Being aware is a first step to a great change. Ready to say good-bye to your nagging pain in the hips?

In the video below, I share one of my favorite moves/stretches that allows to “open” or lengthen the back hips! If it’s done well, it always creates a “magical” output of feeling good! And of course, our hips directly connected to our pelvic floor muscles! By addressing your tight hips, you are influencing a state of your pelvic floor.

Of course, there is a lot more to your feeling "tight" hips.

At Be Well Fitness, we always do a movement and postural assessment session to determine a range of motion, strength level, core stability and pelvic floor awareness along with breathing strategy. Afterwards, we create a customized plan that includes awareness, mobility, strengthening and other necessary steps to helps our clients to feel strong, able and well from the ground up.

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