Six Pack or Functional Core for Managing Pressure!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

At Be Well Fitness, we strive to do continuous education to bring the latest and greatest knowledge to our precious clients. I just recently completed a course on Core and Pelvic Floor Health offered by a brilliant Dr. Sarah Duvall. She is a physical therapist who is specializing in core and pelvic floor health. She also lifts weights and loves to climb. This course answered many questions and revealed a lot of myths around core training.

Here is a short list of some questions I had been pondering about before taking the course:

  • What is the CORE?

  • What is the FUNCTIONAL CORE?

  • What does core have to do with the PELVIC FLOOR?

  • What does it REALLY mean to engage your core?

  • What do FEET have to do with the core? (my favorite)

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Loved that the course was designed with an intention of empowering women to understand their body better to create long-lasting changes and feeling stronger, taller and more confident at their core for life.


As a female 40+ coach and active fitness enthusiast who wants to age well feeling strong and confident at her core, I was intrigued by Dr. Duvall’s expertise and passion. My striving for bringing the latest and greatest knowledge to my clients made me dive into studying this FAMOUS CELEBRITY - THE CORE! You do not think so?


I often feel that the CORE is this famous celebrity that everyone knows and talks about, everyone wants to meet it, everyone wants to have it but not many understand what the purpose of the core is and why it is so essential. Well, I was finally ready to meet this FAMOUS CELEBRITY - the CORE with the expert’s assistance - Dr. Sarah Duvall!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word CORE?

  • Six pack abs

  • Flat belly

  • Shredded core

  • Famous & beautiful

  • ??????

Yes, the core is popular! It has a connection to a beautiful, strong, fit, slim, and …… body. Thanks to social media and actors for popularizing the core. Nothing is wrong in pursuing all of that. Kudos to you for admitting that it is your goal for the core! Celebrate knowing what you want.


What I have recently learned is more of the FUNCTIONAL CORE: one of the main function of a well-organized core system is managing pressure. Sorry to disappoint you. It does not sound sexy at all!!!!! What does it mean when the pressure is not managed well? Allow me to list a few examples:

  • Incontinence - sneeze pee, pee when you lift a heavy box - it is not normal;

  • Diastasis Recti (gap in a belly) (could happen if you did not have a baby)

  • PF prolapse

  • Inefficient breathing

  • Hernia

  • Neck and back hurt especially after a core workout

  • Poor posture

  • Lower belly pooch

  • Just to list a few

Yes, it does not sound glamorous at all. My attempt at making a connection: this is how a FAMOUS AND FUNCTIONAL CORE connect. You can have a six pack abs, shredded core, flat tummy and may still experience one or several possibilities of the core that is not functioning well (see the list above), which is an indication of not well-managing pressure particularly. It becomes even more important under a load - lifting weights, heavy boxes, groceries and etc..


Yes, we are coming to a dilemma: function over beauty or beauty or function???? I was definitely in the second category. GUILTY! My excuse: I was influenced by the fitness model of working your core because it is good for you and that is what is valued. I also felt like doing more core-focused exercises was not serving me well. When I started experiencing some issues from the list, I did not connect that to my core training or my pressure management strategy but I felt like doing more core-focused exercises was not serving me well. I was quick to admit that I was getting old. Yes, this is what we hear. However, you do not know what you do not know. WISE STATEMENT!


This course is comprehensive and filled with love and compassion from Dr. Duvall. Now, I can logically explain what the core is and what it means to “engage the core”. I feel empowered with science-based knowledge (have a ton of research papers from the course). I also feel inspired to empower my Female 40+ clients on their journey to stand tall, feel confident and SOLE CORE CONNECTED!


Interested in exploring Dr. Duvall’s course? Use this link to sign up for Dr. Duvall's course. You you will receive one online zoom session with me to help you navigate through the course and answer some questions.

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