Core 4 Wellness Online Course

This Program is For You, if You Experience:

- Sore Back

- Leaking (incontinence)

- Tight Hips

- Belly Pooch

- Poor Posture & Balance

- Zero awareness of your pelvic floor

- AND this is especially for you if you've never considered how your workout affects your pelvic floor!

In the fitness world, you often hear "engage your core, Pull the belly button to the spine"!

This is only addressing a small part of the core team. Therefore, it is not the best approach for producing the long-lasting results or advancing your strength training.

A lack of core training may compromise your pelvic floor function as well as increase back tightness and overall compression and instability. 

In this 6-week course, you will learn what true core engagement is and how to achieve it to workout safely and also manage life overall: lifting groceries, babies, moving furniture, hiking and etc..

You may not realize it but you are lifting every single day, moving your body to get things done. Learning the true deep core connection is paramount for increasing stability, maintaining a tall posture, increasing overall strength and feeling confident and safe for many years to come!

Upon the program completion

You will feel empowered with the tools and solutions for your core strength 

You will carry your body differently aligning your posture for success in any workout & in life

Weather you hire a trainer or not, you will have this essential knowledge that

you can apply it anytime, anywhere​