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Map Your Journey for how to stay

active, strong, able and well


Are you looking to boost your level of strength to enjoy 40+?


Are you looking for simple ways to be more consistent with your fitness routine at home?


Are you looking for a non-intimidating way to get started with strength training?


For Women over 40 who are tired of feeling weak, achy and stressed and want to get and stay active in life feeling strong, able and well.

If you are like most of my clients, chances are...


You are feeling weak so that even lifting groceries is hard;

You are feeling out of shape so that walking for a mile makes you feel tired;

You are “protecting” your back from spasming every time you bend over to put dishes away or do laundry;

You are feeling discouraged that you are not getting enough steps in a day because you are feeling low energy;

You are afraid to fall when you are going for a hike because you feel off balance;

You are feeling that your slouchy posture affects your confidence level;

You are avoiding heavy lifting due to a fear of peeing your pants;

You are intimidated by the gym environment and feeling discouraged not knowing where to start.


Can you relate?


Which is exactly why I created this step by step program with a lot of coaching support!

Download Alarm Clock Between Towel And D

The Cold Hard Truth

You are getting over 40 and with that

  • You are going through the hormonal changes

  • You are losing muscle tone & bone mass

  • You are getting weaker and less balanced

  • You sit a lot and move less

  • You feel tight and stiff upon awakening

  • You are challenged to fit enough steps in a day

  • You are more susceptible to falls and getting injured

  • Your core is weak and pelvic floor is leaking

  • You feel discouraged and hopeless

For Living Strong, Able and Well





The complete step by step program that will help you go from feeling “broken” and hopeless to feeling reconnected and empowered in your body once and for all.


Whether you are looking to jump back into a strength training routine, or this is your first time trying it out, Active8U program provides you with a comprehensive and progressive plan in a positive and supportive environment with like-minded women.

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What to Expect on Your Active8U Journey:

It is a habit-based training - 30 minutes a day, for long lasting results


  • Community support of like-minded women so that you are not feeling alone

  • Movement & Posture Assessment

  • Guided and progressive core & pelvic floor friendly workouts so you do not have to figure out what to do

  • Regular group coaching to help you stay on track and answer all your questions

  • Stress management techniques and recovery practices

  • Access to me for questions & assessments

  • Bonus guests so that you have everything you need to stay active as you age without fear of injury, leaking or unexpected weight gain.

Upon Completion of the Active8U Core Strength Program you will:

  • Boost your level of confidence feeling strong, able and well

  • Establish a profound connection with your body so that you feel more aware of what your body needs

  • Become more proficient with various moves reassured that you are doing them safely and correctly

  • Improve your balance so that you minimize your risk of injury or fall

  • Regain physical strength so that you feel
    comfortable carrying groceries, moving furniture, lifting kids/grandkids, gardening etc.


  • Increase flexibility so that you can play with your grandkids instead of just watching them

  • Resume the activities you love with a better energy level

  • Strengthen your abs without compromising your pelvic floor

  • Improve your posture to stand tall and supported from the ground up

  • Have proven tools for managing your stress levels

  • Gain lots of new friends

Remember that there is no magic pill, portion, or product that will do the work for you.


The Active8U Program is not for you


  • If you want to get ripped and bikini-ready. This program is not about how you look and especially not about losing weight to make you happy, strong and out of pain. It is about wellness, and giving your body the movement and strength it needs to work at its best.


  • If you expect fast fixes to your body issues. When we start moving and strengthening our body in an intentional way, your pains and aches get reduced and possibly eliminated. After all, we are designed to move!


  • If you anticipate intense and draining workouts that leave you exhausted and feeling twice your age!


This is not another cookie-cutter Women’s fitness program, and working with me is NOT all about burpees and high-intensity workouts. It is more about connecting with your body through movement, strength training and mindful practices so it becomes a lifestyle so that you feel strong, able and well over 40. 

Map Your Life Journey


Map Foundational Core Strength for the strong & able body that serves you as a vehicle on

your life journey 


Map recovery strategies for managing stress levels so you make less detours & enjoy your journey more


Map your mindset on your life journey of ups & downs - we call them squats

The 5 Workouts Every Woman Over 50 Shoul


When life gets hard with kids, work and other adult responsibilities, it is easier just to give it up and stop setting goals for your feeling good as you are approaching 40+. Taking care of ourselves, especially as we age, is the least selfish thing we can do. Not only we will be able to keep up with children and grandchildren, we will retain our independence for much longer, which are gifts to ourselves and the people we love.


So, if you're ready to prioritize your own health and well-being then now is your time to enroll in the program and transform your body and fitness from the inside out!


  • Take back your power

  • Nourish your body

  • Choose to create your future


What is there to lose?


Julia is a Certified Holistic Fitness Coach, 500hr Yoga Instructor as well as a Core Exercise Specialist for pelvic floor health. She works primarily with middle-aged and older women. Julia was never an athlete. She discovered movement through yoga in her 30s feeling weak, tired and achy.


Later, she became more confident through strength training that she started in her 40s for the first time. Julia loves to help other women be the best version of themselves by teaching them how to be strong, moving well and developing a self-loving mindset . She is a proponent of strength training for life, rather than the quick-fix gimmicks. Her philosophy is to focus on strength rather than the scale, and the rest will fall into place.

“For me, feeling weak is much more dangerous than lifting weights. Love a feeling of I AM ABLE”.


One of the most rewarding parts of my job is witnessing my clients gain the wonderful sense of confidence that comes with gaining a stronger, more stable body. This confidence seems to propel them into new activities and serves to fulfill social and emotional aspects of their lives as well as their physical fitness.


Now, it is YOUR CHOICE!

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Here's what people say about working with Julia

How Anne went from a bad hip to hiking in Grand Canyon

How Jeanne went from two hip replacements to doing strength training & cardio but more importantly feeling confident with her daily activities

"After all, having a body you can count on to do all the stuff you want to do every day makes your whole life better, AND have you considered where you're going to be a year from now if you DON'T get started? The last thing I would want is for you to waste, a day, a week, a month, or even a YEAR struggling when you can prioritize your health today."