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Prevent ankle sprain from hiking on uneven surfaces
Minimize shoulder soreness from wearing a heavy backpack
Strengthen your feet and hips for long-term results
Get in control of your deep core for better walking

Experience strength training specifically designed for women 40+ who want to enjoy their hiking/walking for many more years to come

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When you feel good in your body, you are able

to live the active life you want 

Every woman is unique!

We offer personalized coaching unique to your needs, goals, fitness level and activities. Whether you are struggling with a belly pooch, weak feet, incontinence, tight hips or you are looking to improve your general fitness level or long walks, we can help!

At Be Well Fitness, every SOLE matters!

Let us guide you on your journey of feeling strong, able and well!

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MS Business Communication & Development

Empowered Performance with St.Clair Fitness

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

Yoga Alliance Instructor, 500hrs

Core Exercise Specialist for Pelvic Floor Health

with Dr. Sarah Duvall

Biomechanics for Movement & Yoga

with Jules Mitchell

Nutritious Movement & Corrective Exercise Specialist with Katy Bowman

Champion Performance with Mike Reinold

Functional Movement Systems with Grey Cook